We Tell Their Stories

These are the stories of former African slaves in America and their descendants. They inspire us today to overcome barriers and accomplish what seems impossible.

Our Mission

The mission of the Historic Oviedo Colored Schools Museum is to tell the amazing story of how former African American slaves in America, and their descendants, moved from regions where they were enslaved.

They sought employment, and more than anything else, a means to educate their children. The miracle of how they accomplished that monumental task amidst unimaginable barriers is at the heart of what we do.

We're Raising Money Now!

We are raising money to complete the restoration of our future physical location at the old colored schoolhouse in Oviedo, Florida. Help us bring this history to life for our community and people around the world!

See a Bit Of Our History

We’re continually working to capture and preserve history from the colored schools in our area.

Oviedo Colored Elementary School


Gabriella Jamestown Colored School


Geneva Colored Elementary School


Kolokee (Snowhill) Colored Elementary School

1929, 1932-1950

Jackson Heights Colored Elementary School

1961 - 1967

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About Us

In 2000, Gloria Godwin and Gracia Muller Miller began talking about a reunion for the Jackson Heights Elementary School, a colored school in Oviedo, FL, during segregation.

Reunion Historian, Judith Smith, began to look for artifacts from that era and struggled to locate any pictures or other information. She put the word out amongst the former students, asking to borrow photographs or other materials related to the colored school.
Immediately, items began to pour in, and the result was a book entitled: “A Written and Pictorial History of the Oviedo Area Colored Schools 1890-1967, Oviedo Elementary, Jackson Heights Elementary, Geneva, Wagner, Kolokee (Snowhill), Gabriella (Jamestown).”

From there, the mission was born, spurred on by the words of Principal S.T. Muller during the dedication of Jackson Heights Elementary School in February,1961:

As I take a backward glance over the past 11 school terms and relive some of the difficulties we encountered in our feeble efforts, without the minimum of essentials needed at times, to plan and effectuate the type of educational progress that the day demanded of us, I almost shudder in disgust.

Principal S.T. Muller, February 12, 1961

Since that initial effort to reunite, continuous efforts have been made to tell the story of our triumph among the most challenging circumstances imaginable.

This Story Benefits Everyone

Difficult times come to us all, and how we respond to those difficult times is the measure of our character. The descendants of slaves purposed in their hearts that their children would rise above the limits imposed on them to heights unknown in previous generations.

We ask you to partner with the Historic Oviedo Colored Schools Museum Board to tell the story to the whole world, and inspire those facing difficult times to persevere.

Inspiring Future Generations

Our Board Members:

Judith D. Smith, President

Kelley Muller-Smith, Vice President

Gracia Muller Miller, Secretary

Arthur B. Davis, Treasurer

Annie Jackson Gavin, Assistant Treasurer